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About the Cyclades

The islands of the Cyclades form the biggest, the best known and the most central group. The 25 or so islands in the group would take a lifetime to walk and, at present, Walking the Islands... covers nine of them.



The Cyclades are characterised by...

  • grey rocky outcrops from brown hills above fertile, often terraced valleys

  • deep natural harbours

  • above the harbour you will often find a hill-top Chora, the fortified old town

  • countryside that is more fertile than the Dodecanese

  • delightful valleys and spring-fed farmed areas

  • chapels everywhere, and clifftop monasteries too

  • old kalderimia (mule-roads)

  • summits with rewarding views



An entire spectrum of seaside pleasures awaits you too, from watersports beaches on Mykonos and Naxos to hidden coves only accessible by boat or by long treks on all the islands.

The coast of Amorgos has a particular flavour as there are few sandy beaches and the entire south facing coast is a string of sea cliffs with only five places where you can get to the sea-edge.



Getting to the Cyclades

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Mykonos »

Naxos »

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Getting around the Cyclades

  • Andros, Tinos, and Mykonos are well interconnected with several daily sailings from Rafina, as well as smaller dayboats. Santorini  lies on the main Piraeus - Crete ferry routes.

  • A comprehensive small ferry and day boat network based on Naxos allows you to travel between it and nearby islands, including the Small Cyclades, the islands between Naxos and Amorgos.

  • Amorgos is not too far away from its neighbours for short inter-island hops, though day boats on both serve islets and beaches and there are some connections between its two ports Aeghiali and Katapola, though nowadays the tarmac road is used much more than the sea.

  • As far as the actual vessel you select is concerned, there is a wide range of choices, from the newer fast ferries, through various older more traditional vessels, to the small Express Skopelitis, serving the Naxos-Small Cyclades-Amorgos run.

  • Catamarans and fast ferries cover most of the crossings in the summer, too, and of course can save you time, perhaps sacrificing scenery.

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