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Walking the Islands... Tinos Pack (104 pages, £8.50) consists of

  • about 19 walks and six panorama diagrams

  • walks over much of the island

  • longer hilltop hikes which may be broken into more accessible chunks

  • ascents to the major summits

  • explorations of dovecotes, boulder fields and marble quarries

  • walks along waymarked kalderimia, old stone roads serving scattered communities

  • a tour of Delos, reached by day-boat


Download a FREE detailed list of the contents of our Tinos Pack


Tinos walks & information sheets



The pack of Tinos PDFs

Click on "Buy & Download Now" to purchase the pack of PDF files which will appear in your download folder as a zip file.


Also included are files in GPS waypoint format, (kmz/kml) for Google Earth or handheld devices.

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