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Mykonos with Delos

Mykonos is one of the best known and most visited of all Greek islands and a perfect base for a day trip to the archaeological gem of Delos. As party island and cruise liner stop and with its international airport, it continues to draw crowds all year round especially in high season.

The capital is a photogenic maze of streets and alleys, the iconic windmills and Little Venice, a row of colourful balconied houses jutting out over the sea. There’s a wide range of beaches and bays, serviced by buses and day boats, or you can hire every kind of wheeled transport. Despite all the development, it’s still possible to head off to the hills for some peace and quiet, or to explore the coast on foot, informed by our small pack of walks.

Getting around Mykonos


  • extensive tarmac road network

  • car hire firms, also scooters, motorbikes, beach buggies, quad bikes etc, but the Chora can be very congested

  • 26 buses based in two bus stations serve major beaches and island interior

  • dayboats and charter possibilities


Staying on Mykonos

  • Wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels, apartments and villas to simpler rooms and two campsites.

  • Several agencies at the port and in the town.  

Mykonos features

  • Cosmopolitan holiday island with something for everybody

  • Photogenic Chora (main town) and port

  • Wide range of shops, tavernas, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, apartments, rooms, a couple of camp sites, churches, chapels and museums

  • Dozens of beaches and bays from fully serviced to relatively isolated

  • Two coastal walks from the Chora to bays and beaches, and a nineteenth century lighthouse

  • Walks into the farmed hinterland to see the changing land use

  • Country chapels and farmsteads and a ruined castle or two

  • Climb to the 373m summit for panoramic views from a hilltop chapel

  • Day trip to Delos, World Heritage Site and archaeological paradise

Getting to Mykonos


  • International flights to Mykonos Airport for much of the year, summer flights to Thessaloniki and at least 6 flights a day to Athens all year round

  • Several ferries per day from Rafina (4½ hours) and Piraeus (6 hours) and frequent connections to many other islands, notably Andros, Naxos, Paros, Syros, and Tinos

  • popular stop for cruise liners

  • dayboats and ferry excursions from Tinos and other nearby islands

Maps and other information


  • Terrain Map 309 (2009) covers Mykonos at 1: 25 000 ISBN 978-960684585-7. But please note if you’re doing detailed GPS based navigation that the grid is shifted about 0.15S and 0.13W, so you need to apply a 250m south west correction orientate yourself accurately (revision due in March 2016)

  • is the Municipality’s main website, with comprehensive tourist details

  • is a sponsored site with direct links to accommodation booking pages

  • a general Greek tourism site, has a substantial section on Mykonos

  • gives an authoritative description of Delos and its World Heritage listing

  • Delos Guidebook with Reconstructions, Muses Publications, Athens 2001, ISBN 960-7994-08-6 is a pocket sized illustrated guide with colourful acetate overlays showing possible reconstructions of parts of the site.


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